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What's it really worth?

Many business owners have built up equity and created value in their companies. Value is perhaps the only thing that really matters as they plan to exit or retire. How much is a privately-held business really worth? Where do owners of private enterprises turn for sound valuation advice?

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Valuation Solution Limited quantifies and certifies the fair market value of the business with a Valuation Report which documents the purpose, time and subject of valuation, the appropriate valuation approaches and techniques selected and used, the research, analysis and computations performed, the information and documents reviewed and relied upon, the underlying assumptions made, and the value conclusions reached.



Valuation Solution Limited works with clients to find solutions to value related problems. Our work deals with the VALUATION (PRICING) of private business value.

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The Valuation Process practised by Valuation Solution Limited:

Reviewing and analyzing the company’s relevant information and documents;

Meeting and discussing with management with respect to the company’s current operations and future prospects;

Selecting and applying an appropriate approach and technique to the valuation of the shares or assets in the company;

Completing all necessary analysis, adjustments and computations;

Documenting the value conclusions with referenced schedules and notes;

Delivering the draft report for the client’s review and approval, and

Completing and delivering the final valuation report.

You have invested so much into your business and it is probably worth more than you think.

Please call 403-264-4038 for a free no-obligation consultation. We help you find out what it is really worth.

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